Meghan Spiro

Photographer + Art Director

Meghan Spiro

Intention. Passion. Vision. Manifestation. Love.

Everything I photograph, I fall in love with, even if it’s just for that moment. When I’m behind the camera, it gives me an opportunity to be present with my subject, whether it’s a person or food or a work of art. It’s a chance to celebrate its beauty…to appreciate the light and life in everything.

Photography is a natural extension of my creative expression. Inspired by my father’s hobby, I started learning black and white photography from him when I was 13. I was always drawn to fine art, but I quickly realized that this was my medium. I have a Bachelors in Photography & Motion Picture Sciences from the Brooks Institute of Photography. Since I graduated in 2002, I spent years in a variety of roles: a coordinator and producer for the Food Network, a video editor for the Omega Institute, a prop buyer and coordinator for various Neiman Marcus & Vogue Italia fashion shoots, and (mostly) a web designer + developer, working independently in the Hudson Valley for 12 years. Meanwhile, photography continued to be my passion, but on the side, until four years ago when I started bringing my skills back into the fold of my web business, making it a signature for my branding skills.

This is a collection of my work from the last few years. I just recently had an art show, A Thin Line. Prints from that series will be available online in December 2017.

(photograph of me by the wonderful & lovely Melissa Robin)


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