Meghan Spiro

Photographer + Art Director

Meghan Spiro

Intention. Passion. Vision. Manifestation. Love.

Everything I photograph, I fall in love with, even if it’s just for that moment, whether it’s a person or food or product or a work of art. It’s a chance to celebrate its beauty, to appreciate its light and life!

Photography is a natural extension of my creative expression. Inspired by my father’s hobby, I started learning black and white photography from him when I was 13. I was always drawn to fine art, drawing and painting, but I quickly realized that this was my medium.

I have a Bachelors in Photography & Motion Picture Sciences from the Brooks Institute of Photography. Since I graduated in 2002, I spent years in a variety of roles: a coordinator and producer for the Food Network, a video editor for the Omega Institute, a prop buyer and coordinator for various Neiman Marcus & Vogue Italia fashion shoots, but primarily I’ve been a commercial photographer and a web designer / developer, working independently in the Hudson Valley for the last 13 years.

About two years ago, I began working on my own artistic concentrations, first A Thin Line (2016/2017), a series of abstract black and white nudes, and currently Without Fear & Full of Love (2016-2018), an autobiographical book of art and poetry about domestic violence and a journey into healing. As I continue to develop my artwork, I’m getting back into my roots of fine art and combining it with photography, creating mixed-media pieces. In my newest work, story is paramount, combined with developing bold psychological statements of my journey, sometimes using graphical interpretations, deity influences juxtaposed with surreal, and often disturbing self-portraits in nature.

My artwork is in two shows this month: Catalyst Small Works Show, selections from the Bella Monnezza series; and BAU “Natural Selections,” selection from the Without Fear & Full of Love series. Both shows are Saturday December 8th, 6-9pm. Learn More >

(photograph of me by the wonderful & lovely Melissa Robin)


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